We Are Giving Away a OnePlus 7 Pro!

3 Simple steps to enter the giveaway:

  1. Place an order of your choice of skin on our website between the 14th of May and 31st of May.
  2. Take a photo of our dope skin applied on your device and post it on any one of the following social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Tag us @capesindia & use the hashtag #OnePlus7proGiveaway.
  3. Sit back and keep your fingers crossed!


Each skin ordered will be counted as 1 entry!

Please read FAQ Q2, If your account is private on the social media platform (as mentioned in Step 2).


Q1. Can I have multiple entries on my name for the giveaway?

A1. YES! We count the number skins ordered as different entries. So if you order multiple skins in one order they are still counted as separate entries.

Eg1. You place 1 order with 3 skins = 3 entries.

Eg2. You place 3 orders with 1 skin each = 3 entries


Q2. What if my account is private where I choose to post the photo?

A2. Since there is a chance that we might not be able to know when you post the photo if your account is private (in step 2), just send us a screen shot of the same on email at hello@capesindia.com.


Q3. Can I buy any texture for any device to enter the giveaway?

A3. Yes absolutely! There are no restrictions here whatsoever.


Q4. When and how will the winner be announced?

A4. The winner will be announced on 7th June during a live stream on Instagram @capesindia through complete random selection through the website random-ize.com, the exact time will be shared before we go live.


Q5. Will my entry be counted if I do not post a photo of the skin applied on my device on social media?

A5. No. Step 2 is mandatory.


Q6. Do I need to upload multiple pictures in step 2 if I have ordered multiple skins?

A6. No! just one photo will do.


Q7. Will my entry be counted if I do not cross my fingers?

A7. Yes! We know its not humanely possible to cross your fingers for that long, we all are not robots after all!


Q8. Which phone are you giving away and how many?

A8. We are giving away 1 OnePlus 7 pro.


Q9. Will the phone be brand new?

A9. Yes it will be brand new, but repacked after applying the skin of your choice! (So yes, you also receive a free skin!)


Q10. Is the giveaway open to everyone across the world?

A10. No. We ship our orders only in India and the giveaway is only valid if the order is placed in India.


Q11. Do I have to pay any shipping costs or taxes?

A11. No. All expenses will be fully paid by Capes India.


Q12. Do I have a better chance of winning if I personally request you guys to make me the winner of the giveaway?

A12. No. We will not reply to any email / DMs asking to be picked as a winner. The winner will be selected randomly on Instagram Live, through a website called random-ize.com.


Q13. Can you explain in detail how exactly are you going to pick the winner of this giveaway?

A13. Yes! We want this process to be as transparent as possible. Each order placed from 14th May to the 31st May generates an order ID. We will map this order ID with the email provided. This will create a complete list of people that have completed the first step of the giveaway. Remember your name will be repeated in this list if you have ordered multiple skins. After 31st of May we will compile all the people who have posted a photo online, tagging us @capesindia with the hashtag #OnePlus7proGiveaway. Our tag and the mentioned hashtag will be vital for us to find your posted photo. We will contact you if there are any issues matching your social profile with your order. Please remember if your account is private on the social media platform please mail us a screenshot of the posted picture. After compiling a list of the people who have completed both the steps we will upload the list on random-ize.com, where the website will randomly pick out a winner while we are presenting live on Instagram.

Winner will be accounced on Instagram Live. Make sure you Follow us on Instagram

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