Three Point Star Skins & Wraps

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Three Point Star

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  • Protection from Scratches

    Protection from Scratches

  • Doesn't Heat Device

    Doesn't Heat Device

  • Residue Free Removal

    Residue Free Removal

  • Weather Proof

    Weather Proof

  • Premium Vinyl Wrap

    Premium Vinyl Wrap

  • Bubble Free Application

    Bubble Free Application

  • FAQ

    FAQ ↓

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Our motorsport skins are made from premium materials that are scratch-resistant, smudge-proof, and tough enough to withstand daily wear and tear. They offer an added layer of protection to your phone while adding a touch of style and flair.


Just like a Motorsport car needs a pit stop to get refreshed, your phone can also use a boost of style and protection. Our Motorsport skins offer a quick and easy way to transform your phone's appearance and keep it looking new.


Our skins are not only designed to look great, but they also have practical benefits. With the use of MagSafe technology, you can easily attach and detach your phone from accessories like chargers and mounts, without compromising the integrity of the skin. This means you can enjoy the benefits of MagSafe while showing off your love for the sport.

Customers Often Ask

I've noticed that the skins have multiple layers, is this intentional?

Yes! Our skins are artisanal and made up of multiple layers, which not only adds to their durability and protection but also makes each skin unique. It is a testament to the attention to detail that goes into making each one.

Will the skin interfere with my phone's performance?

No, our skins are designed to be as slim and unobtrusive as possible, without interfering with your phone's performance or functionality.

Can I remove the skin without leaving residue?

Yes, our skins are easy to apply and remove, with no residue left behind.

Will the skin fit my phone perfectly?

Yes, our skins are precision-cut to fit your phone like a glove, ensuring a seamless and accurate fit every time.

Can I still use wireless charging with the skin on?

Yes, our Motorsport skins are designed to work seamlessly with wireless charging, so you don't have to remove the skin every time you need to charge your phone.